Born in Rzeszow, 1981, currently based in Portugal. A painter, graphic designer and illustrator, graduated Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (2006).

Jasinski cooperates with a number of companies, fashion designers and institutions (EMPIK, RESERVED, TATUUM, DAGMA ART, WASOWSCY Publishing House,, Dar Al Funoon Kuwait, MAESTRO Foundation, AS CMIELOW Porcelain Company, Confashions Kuwait), his art work features in the centenary edition of British VOGUE. Curator of Jasinski & Friends annual exhibitions.

Fascinated by human body and its deformations. Jasinski actively promotes Polish art and culture abroad.

From the artist:

As a child I would scribble all over my Mum’s books. Nowadays I respect books much more and pour all my emotions on canvas.

I was studying Graphic Design at The Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, That’s why drawing became a key element of my paintings. I try to leave as much of the initial sketch in the painting as possible, I prefer the linear, sharp and defined drawing to a tonal one. At the same time colour always is and has been the most important element of my paintings. I like strong, energetic colours and tend to contrast them with flat areas of colour. When I paint it is more like the colour takes over my heart and directs me then the other way around.

I was never very good with answering questions like „what inspired you?“ or „why is the cat in the corner of the painting?“… well, why not?! I never understood the point of artificially backing up your art with made up philosophies. I think that’s why my paintings are so alive – I paint from the bottom of my heart, follow my instinct, it is like my brush becomes a part of my body. Every painting represents a few days of my life, the mood I was in.