Let’s take a Journey Together

As your art investment consultant, it is my job to help you find artwork which you desire and which suits your needs. My team and I use our own knowledge of the art industry in order to find you the type of investment you are looking for. We help enable collectors of fine art to expand their portfolio of physical art as well as digital art, following the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in recent years.

Here at Regency Wealth Management, in order to celebrate our ten year anniversary we decided to combine physical art with the digital world with our new project – the iNFT®.

The iNFT® is a digital art project with a collection of hand painted portraits by world renowned professional artist Dominik Jasinski.

If you hold one of the inaugural iNFT® collection you also receive access to investment utilities provided by Regency Wealth Management.

INFT® full package explained