london eye

iNFT® IRL London June 2023!

Galley Pop up Space London June 2023!

Our first live event is planned for June this year. Meet Dominik Jasinski in person and see his work up close and personal. Digital & Physical art in one place.

The best NFT project in London 2023! The live event will be iNFT®’s first venture out into the real worl; since its brief inception, October 2022.

An exciting opportunity for holders to meet the artist and each other in person. So far no iNFT® holder has seen one of Dominik Jasinski’s 100 hand pained unique eyes. Only viewable until this event as a digital collectable on their smart phones.

A proud moment for the iNFT® community and all their hard work. If you would like to attend please contact us today to book an appointment for viewing.